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Auto Accidents 

Our office has a strong and reliable history of effectively handling claims with an aggressive pursuit of our clients best interests. We have extensive experience handling auto accident claims.

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We believe that being well informed is an integral part of making important legal decisions. Our office prides itself on transparency, confidentiality, and the relentless pursuit of our clients best interests. 


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  • Motor Vehicle Collisions.

  • Insurance Litigation.

  • Product Liability. 

  • Slip & Fall / Premises Liability.

  • Real Estate Closings.

  • Work Place Accidents.

  • Weather & Hurricane Related Property Damage. 

  • Water/Fire/Flood Property Damage

  • Contractual Disputes.

  • Dog Bites


"Our mission is to take a genuine interest in our clients, understand their objectives, and exceed them."

     While many firms in today’s legal industry can be labeled "mills," where the demeanor of the firm is geared toward volume of work rather than quality of services provided, our office utilizes a different and more personal approach. Our legal team consists of dedicated professionals to make sure legal claims are heard, understood, and remedied in order to make our clients whole again. This firm prides itself on quality work as a foundation to all of our legal services. In order to effectively advocate on your behalf, we aggressively pursue your claim using innovative strategies and critical thinking. Every call to our office  is important to us, our team is always ready to evaluate and assist with any claims you may have. Our office understands that persistence, dedication, awareness, and a dynamic professional attitude are key in seeking compensation to the fullest extent of the law. If you believe you have a legal issue, we are more than happy to discuss the issue with you. Please call, email, or text our office anytime!


We focus our legal efforts on Personal Injury cases including automobile accidents, slip and falls, dog bites, wrongful death, product liability, work place accidents, and any negligence related injuries. In addition to negligence claims, we place a strong focus on Property Damage claims such as a sudden water loss from plumbing lines, fire, flood, hurricane, and weather related damage. Last, we take a personal interest in Real Estate Closings, and contractual matters including Contract Litigation. When we take your case, our first goal is to understand the objectives that you as our client are seeking. Thereafter, we discuss what legal standing you may have and advise you as to what we believe is the best course of action based on your objectives, and to obtain the most compensation available to you. We understand that no two cases are alike, similarly and most importantly; we understand that no two clients are alike. Finding the remedy that is most important to you, is the most important objective to us



     : 261 N.E 1st Street, Miami FL 33132       :(305)-597-0055        :(305)-777-1001


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