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Personal Injury - Business & Contract Law - Construction Litigation - Real Estate Closings - Property Insurance  Litigation - Florida Bar Hearings  
"Excellence is not a skill, it is an attitude." 
      - Ralph Martin


  • Car Accidents - Trucking/Semi  Accidents - Wrongful Death - Slip & Fall - Trip & Fall - Workers Compensation - Product Liability - Premises Liability - Dog Bites - All Injuries as a Result of Another's Negligence.

  • The term "Personal Injury" is an umbrella term for different types of injures which occur to a person, the most of common of which involves auto accidents. Claims arising under this area of law extend to anything that results in an injury to ones body. To learn more about these claims and our practice regarding them, simply click the above link.

  • Homeowner Insurance Litigation - Condominium Insurance Litigation - Commercial Insurance Litigation - Hurricane Damage - Weather Related Damage - Plumbing & Water Loss - Roof Damage - Fire Damage - Flood Damage.

  • Property insurance litigation involves litigating under an ever changing complex body of law. Our office routinely litigates property insurance claims involving single family homes, condominiums, town homes, and commercial properties. Each type of claim requires an experienced and knowledgeable litigant to navigate the litigation process and obtain the most beneficial result for the insured. For more information, simply like the link above. 

  • Why it matters: Unpaid mortgages, real estate liens, any prior conveyances, as well as any easements will be identified and dealt with before the final transaction takes places. 

  • Real Estate closings are an integral part of purchasing property whether it be commercial or residential property that is being purchased. In addition to a title search and encumbrances etc, this is where the parties get together and finalize all agreements and contracts. The buyer will leave with rights to the property and the seller will have the completed payment. To learn more about how we handle closings, please click the link above. 

  • General Business Litigation - Contractual Disputes - Business Entity Formation & Counseling - Contract Drafting - Contract review  including  - Real Estate & Sales Agreements - Shareholder Disputes - Consulting. 


  • Business law is often used synonymously with contract law. While contracts and business go hand in hand, there are plenty of distinctions; the first of which relates to the formation of recognized business entities under state laws. To find out more about our legal practice surrounding this area of the law, simply click the above link.  

  • Construction Lien Law - Construction Delays - Commercial Construction - Residential Construction - General & Sub Contractors - Developers - Owners - Investors - Construction Defects -  Construction Contract(s)

  • The construction industry is a demanding field, we represent clients in all fields of the construction industry. Our team will know how to handle your specific case. For more information on our practice, simply click the above link. 

  •  Florida Bar Applicant Hearings - Florida Bar Applications - Florida Board of Bar Examiners. 

  • If the Florida Bar is holding up your license based on your bar application or asking you questions regarding your background and bar application, we empathize with you. We understand what you are going through and are here to help and have experience in doing so. For more information on what we can do for you, simply click the link above. 

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