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Business & Contract Law

"Genius is 1% talent 99% Hard    work."

        - Albert Einstein 

  • Contract Law

    Contracts are governed by common law, statutes, one of the many articles of the Uniform Commercial Code, as well as the Statute of Frauds. Which body of law applies, depends on the facts and circumstances surrounding your contractual dispute. In most cases, more than one set of governing rules may apply. Circumstances such as whether the contract was oral or written, (yes, oral contracts can be enforceable). Is the contract for goods or services? This may seem simple enough, but whether a contract is for goods or services is in dispute more often than you may believe. For example, if you were to hire Charlie Carpet Company to clean the carpets in your house and had a dispute about the contract, it would be simple enough as there are no goods involved. However if you were to buy carpets from Charlie and have him install them, now you have both goods and services under one contract. Thus, there may be multiple bodies of law applicable to the issues in your case. This is merely a small sample of some of the many issues and claims surrounding contract law.

  • Business Law

      On the other hand, business law focuses more on entity formation and protection for the members or shareholders of a company. It encompasses all the laws that state how you should open, manage and run a corporation.  One of the many reasons for opening a company is to protect yourself from personal liability for certain acts committed by the business. Further, the reason you operate or run a business is to make a profit, and the reason you file with the state is to mitigate or avoid personal liability. Aside from jurisdictional arguments, this is one of the reasons why companies are considered "people" under the law. Whether you like it or not, the state will consider your company a sole proprietor by default if you operate a company and do not file for any other entity classification. If you do not intend to create a sole proprietorship, you should never accept this default as the protection on personal liability is extremely limited. Contact our firm for further assistance on what entity is best for you or how you can better protect yourself while others are on your property and we will be more than happy to assist you

  • Our Approach 

      At Locay Law, we strive to perform quality work on every single case. Our team wants to provide exceptional service to our clients. Our approach to handling business and contract cases is three fold, we first want to know the specific resolution you as a client are looking for. No two cases are alike and despite what some may believe, the objective of each client can greatly differ. Our second objective is to determine the viability of that objective with respect to the specific set of facts and circumstances in your case. At our office, it is our priority to steer a client in the right direction, even if that translates to our firm not gaining a new client. Once we determine the best strategy for their case and objectives, we advise our clients as to all recommended paths in order to achieve the clients objective and provide options. Thereafter, we will make our recommendations on what is the most cost-effective approach to take obtain those objectives. We then proceed to diligently advocate on your behalf and work to obtain your desired results.

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